The Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council was established on September 9, 2015 under an agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council, taking into account the special role of the young generation in shaping mutual international relations, would like to encourage young people and people working with them to take actions which will result in getting closer to each other and discovering common roots, overcoming prejudices and stereotypes in the perception of common history and in contemporary relations.

The Council supports financially (project competition) and substantively (training system, consultations) the implementation of young people's ideas - it co-finances youth exchanges, youth meetings, information and promotion projects.

The activities of the Council are financed from the funds at the disposal of the Ministry of Education and Science on the Polish side and at the disposal of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine on the Ukrainian side.


Association Heureka Generator has so far implemented four projects within the Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council. We implemented our ideas together with partner organizations from Winnica and Novomoskowsk. The projects were always based on the ideas of young people and implemented using the methods of non-formal education promoted by us: the Oxford Debate, Live Action Role Play Games, Human Library.

Thanks to the implementation of projects under the Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council, we can contribute to building positive relations with our eastern neighbor, and provide young people with an opportunity to develop valuable competences useful in their further life.

In 2018, our Polish-Ukrainian project entitled 'Keep Talking' was nominated for the 'EDUInspiracje' award in the category 'Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council' granted by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System.

We invite you to check the results of our projects.

The publisher is solely responsible for the content of the website The Foundation for the Development of the Education System and the Ministry of Education and Science are not responsible for any use that may be made of this information.


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